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Aquarium fish Panda dwarf cichlid
Apistogramma nijsseni

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Apistogramma nijsseni Panda dwarf cichlid

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aquarium fish Panda dwarf cichlid Apistogramma nijsseni серебристый
color: серебристый

characteristics of fish Panda dwarf cichlid (Apistogramma nijsseni)

familyCichlidae (Cichlids)
length of fish5-10cm
form of fishoval
color of fishsilver
compatibilitywith small peaceful fish
aquarium sizehigher 50L
type of aquariumclosed
water temperaturenear 25C
illumination of aquariummoderate
layers of habitatgold, silver
groundpebble, coarse sand
complexity of carefor the experienced aquarist




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